Возбуждение ненависти: кампания в СМИ Ирана направленная на демонизацию бахаи — октябрь 2011 года

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Inciting Hatred: Iran's media campaign to demonize Baha'is

Inciting Hatred: Iran's media campaign to demonize Baha'is Video of official launch (21 October 2011)
Analyzing more than 400 press and media items issued in Iran by state-controlled or pro-government media over a 16-month period from late 2009 to early 2011, this report documents a wide-ranging campaign by the Islamic Republic of Iran to incite hatred and violence towards the 300,000 member Baha'i minority. Using false accusations, inflammatory terminology, and repugnant imagery, this campaign is shocking in its volume and vehemence – and entirely in violation of international human rights law.

The links below go to the report itself, and an online only appendix that summarizes each of the 400-plus documents or articles that were collected by Baha'i International Community during the main period of this survey, from 17 December 2009 to 16 May 2011.

“The Baha'is of Semnan: A Case Study in Religious Hatred”. This report, released October 2012, highlights the effect on one community of the Iranian government’s methodical and organized campaign to incite hatred against the Baha'is and eliminate them as a viable social entity.

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